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A new law regarding many insurance claims will come into effect on Sept. 1st that will negatively affect the rights of people who have suffered property damage. To avoid the negative effects of the law, make sure you file both a wind insurance claim and a flood insurance claim with your insurance company before Sept. 1st . If you have questions, you can contact us at 713-645-0170, [email protected]com or through FB or LinkedIn.
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If you are struggling to recover from a serious workplace injury and fear that you have already been replaced at your job …

If your family is having difficulty making ends meet because your employer’s insurer has denied you the workers’ compensation benefits you deserve …

If your work injury prevents you from returning to your job, and you need to be retrained for another, or you are permanently disabled and don’t know whom to turn to …

Don’t give up hope. The dedicated, client-committed attorneys of Rendon & Associates are here to help. We are determined to achieve economic justice for you, and all injured Texas workers — and have been since 1977.

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Rendon & Associates: Fighting for Injured Texas Workers Since 1977

We passionately fight for your rights in injury claims legal matters related to:

Workers’ compensation: advocacy for Texas workers injured while on the job, whose application for health, medical or disability benefits have been denied

Longshore workers’ compensation: seeking federal workers’ compensation benefits protection for workers seriously injured during work on Texas ports, harbors or waterways

Personal injury: working hard for the full financial compensation you deserve if you were seriously injured in an auto accident, on unsafe property, as a result of medical malpractice or from use of dangerous drugs

Don’t put off selecting an attorney while your medical condition worsens and your family budget weakens. Our aggressive, attentive lawyers are available right now to hear your side of the story, investigate your claim and fight for the benefits you deserve.

Contact Rendon & Associates for a closer look at how our experience and reputation for results can help you turn the corner, physically and financially.

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