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Houston Construction Accident Lawyer

Job Site Injury & Houston Construction Accident Lawyer Helping Injured Construction Workers in Beaumont and Throughout Texas. Construction sites are dangerous places and workers have to deal with hazardous conditions every day. They are constantly at risk of suffering serious injuries if accidents occur or safety regulations are not thoroughly followed. Unfortunately, injuries do occur leaving construction workers with questions and concerns about their rights. Our Houston construction accident lawyers at Rendon & Associates have extensive experience handling a wide variety of construction accident cases.

Rendon & Associates Attorneys use our over 35 years of legal knowledge when standing up for injured workers. Whether we are helping you deal with workers’ compensation issues or seeking compensation from a negligent third party, our firm can help you pursue the benefits you deserve for the injuries you have suffered.

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Types of Construction Accidents
Construction workers are injured on dangerous work sites in a number of ways:

  • Falls from elevated work sites
  • Scaffolding accidents and collapses
  • Ladder accidents
  • Window washer accidents
  • Failure of safety equipment (broken or defective)
  • Refinery accidents
  • Industrial fires
  • Broken equipment
  • Falling objects
  • Being struck by construction machinery
  • Slip and falls on uneven walkways

Take advantage of the laws that are there for your protection. Our firm’s attorneys are knowledgeable in construction law, and we are able to move your injury claim as quickly as possible so that you can get moving on with your life. We strive to help clients understand how specific labor laws may apply to their cases.

Fatal Construction Accidents
Unfortunately, construction accidents can cause the death of a worker. Our firm represents surviving family members and loved ones in wrongful death lawsuits that may be filed in order to seek justice and compensation for the loss.

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