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Dealing With Insurance Agency Doctors

Golden Triangle Denied Medical Treatment Lawyers Show You How to Deal With Insurance Company Doctors

If you have become seriously injured or ill from an accident at your oil refinery, natural gas, longshore or industrial job in Texas — if your employer’s insurance company doctor doesn’t seem to take your injury or illness seriously — this important message is for you.

You have the right to choose your own doctor, to speed your complete recovery and continue providing for your family. We fight for that right in every workplace injury case we handle at Rendon & Associates in Houston.

A doctor you choose can see to medical necessities that an employer’s insurance company doctor may overlook: the severity of the injury, treatments you will need, diagnostic testing, the possibility of referrals, permanent work restrictions and decisions on the right time for you to return to your job.

At Rendon & Associates, as dedicated attorneys protecting injured Texas workers since 1977, we know how complicated the workers’ compensation legal process can be.Documentation, tests and treatments, regularly submitted reports and impairment ratings play a role in starting your benefits, and keeping those benefits flowing to you.

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Rendon & Associates: We Care About Your Complete Recovery and Return to Work
Workers’ compensation is an adversarial situation, pitting employee health needs against the company’s financial bottom line. Doctors representing your employer’s insurer have been known to:

  • Fail to make a record of complaints about an injury
  • Order fewer tests
  • Provide less treatment
  • Be reluctant to prescribe medications or order physical therapy
  • Put the insurance company’s needs and goals ahead of the injured worker’s
  • Contend that an injury or condition has been pre-existing
  • Send an employee back to work before he or she is ready

Dealing with insurance company doctors is one of our many strengths, at Rendon & Associates in Houston. If the medical treatment you need has been delayed or denied by your company’s insurer, we will work hard to help you find a physician with a workers’ compensation background — a doctor who will diagnose your problem honestly and correctly.

You can trust our Rendon & Associates workplace injury lawyers’ decades of experience to get the results you need. Contact us immediately if you have been injured at your job and misled in any way by an insurance company doctor.

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