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Explosion and Fire Injuries Lawyers in the Houston Area

Helping Texas Workers Seriously Injured in Industrial Fires

Unfortunately in many industrial settings, explosions and fires may occur without warning. This can leave workers, whether on an oil rig, in a factory, on a construction site or other workplace, with serious injuries that have an impact on their ability to work and continue living their lives. If you or a loved one has been injured in an explosion or fire, our firm can help.

At Rendon & Associates, our lawyers have over 35 years of experience advocating for the rights of injured workers. Having handled numerous cases for clients in the oil and gas industry, we understand the impact that industrial fires, refinery accidents and other construction accidents can have on your life and ability to return to work.

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Burn Injuries From Fires and Explosions
Industrial fires, explosions and electrocutions often leave workers with serious and permanent injuries. Most of these injuries are burns and the scarring that occurs after the burns. Many factors are taken into consideration when determining the severity (degree) of the burn, such as:

  • Victim’s age
  • Percentage of the body that is affected by the burn
  • Depth of the burn
  • Size of the burn
  • Location of the burn on the body

Regardless of the degree to which an individual is burned, scarring nearly always occurs and can require extensive additional medical care. Scars can be extremely painful and result in surgeries to not only correct the physical appearance of the scar, but also deal with the body complications that may result from the burn and scar (such as infections or organ dysfunction).

It may be possible for us to obtain benefits that can help pay for anticipated future medical expenses that may result from the burns you suffered.

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