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Houston Denied Workers’ Compensation Claim Lawyers

Denied Benefit Claim Attorneys Protect Injured Workers’ Rights

If you suffered a serious, life-changing injury at your workplace and your employer refuses to recognize your injury and lost wages, you have rights that must be protected. You can challenge your employer insurer’s denial of your workers’ compensation insurance benefits claim by speaking with our experienced Houston workers comp lawyer.

Was your insurance claim denied? We have the Texas workers’ compensation insurance benefits attorneys who can help you. We work to get results for workers whose injury claims have been denied — workers from all walks of life, U.S. citizens or the undocumented, workers in oil refineries, at natural gas rigs and offshore.

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Ruben Rendon and William G. Pulkingham have dedicated their professional careers to the work injury benefits needs of Texas employees since our law firm’s founding in 1977. You will appreciate what our 33 years of experience and track record of success can do for you.

Our workers comp attorney in Houston have the resources, reputation and determination that can achieve the economic justice you deserve. Your free consultation can be arranged right now, at this toll-free phone number: 855-645-0170.

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Reasons for workers’ compensation insurance benefits denials in Texas include:

  • Your claim was not filed before the deadline for workers’ compensation insurance applications.
  • You did not immediately seek or receive medical care for your injury.
  • You did not complete documentation about your work injury through your employer or a physician.
  • Evidence of a pre-existing condition could nullify the occurrence of a workplace injury.
  • Your employer’s doctor could issue a recommendation or opinion that works against your injury claim.
  • As complex as workers’ compensation cases are, insurance companies are in the business of overlooking, delaying or denying legitimate workplace injury claims.

Whether your case requires a hearing, a court hearing or thorough negotiations, your Rendon & Associates attorney will work hard for the positive outcome you need. Your health, personal productivity, family budget and well-being of loved ones depend on it.

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