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Helping Clients with Third Party Claims

Accident victims injured at work often take their aggression out on their employer. Companies are responsible to maintain safe work environments. But in some circumstances, the primary at-fault party might be a manufacturer or vendor who provided the company with a faulty product or machine, which caused the accident.

In Texas, it is common for an employer to contract for its workers through a staff leasing service and/or contractors. This presents a complicated set of issues that Rendon and Associates are quite familiar with and uniquely qualified to deal with. We can help navigate these complexities. At the law firm of Rendon & Associates, we are committed to obtaining as much compensation as possible for accident victims. We investigate each case to determine if a third party is responsible for causing work accidents.

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For more than 35 years, we have represented workers’ compensation clients. This is a complicated area of the law, but our attorneys have a thorough understanding of the specific workers’ compensation requirements for unique circumstances.

Extensive Experience in Workers’ Compensation
Our founding lawyer — Ruben Rendon — and his legal team try about 200 cases each year in workers’ compensation administrative hearings and court hearings. We have extensive experience helping clients obtain as much compensation as possible to recover from serious work-related injuries, caused from:

  • Work fires
  • Refinery accidents
  • Constructions accidents
  • Shipyard accidents – involving heavy equipment and power tools

We have a strong background obtaining successful results in state and federal workers’ comp as well as state and federal courts. Our attorneys are well-prepared to help you.

Seeking Maximum Financial Relief
We have a deep understanding of workers’ compensation, which awards injured workers compensation for their hospital bills and part of their salary. Unfortunately, the amount allocated to accident victims through workers’ compensation is not enough to cover all lost wages, pain and suffering, or on-going medical needs.

By accepting workers’ compensation, injured workers agree to not sue their employer. However, we are experienced lawyers who are dedicated to obtaining as much compensation as possible for accident victims. We carefully review each case to determine if a third party caused the accident, such as a manufacturer who created a defective product. In this case, we will file a personal injury claim with the third party to help you obtain as much compensation as possible.