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Houston Undocumented Workers Rights Lawyers

Galveston Immigrant Worker Injury Attorneys Protect All Injured Texans

Equal treatment for injured undocumented workers is the law in the state of Texas.

If you are an undocumented worker who has been seriously hurt at your job, we can help. We are the experienced workers’ compensation and workplace injury lawyers of Rendon & Associates in Houston and Nederland.

Experienced attorney Ruben Rendon founded our law firm 33 years ago to get justice for injured workers from all walks of life. Our attorneys have decades of combined experience with undocumented workers rights and a reputation for results that can help you.

If you were injured during your oil refinery, natural gas rig, port or harbor labor duties in Texas, the bottom line is this: your citizenship status does not deny you the protection of the law. You may claim the same workers’ compensation benefits coming to you as a U.S. citizen does.

Contact Rendon & Associates immediately if your serious accident injury has sidelined you without an income or health care, but has not been recognized by your employer or by your employer’s insurer.

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Protecting Rights of Texas Workers, Citizens or Undocumented, for 33 Years
Are you an immigrant or undocumented worker who has been injured while working? You should speak with Rendon & Associates immediately if:

  • Your employer’s insurer has delayed or denied your benefits, preventing you from receiving the medical treatment you need.
  • Your doctor has determined that you are physically unable to work, but you are not receiving benefits.
  • Your lost wages have been miscalculated.

You have the same right to pursue workers’ compensation benefits as anyone else in Texas. Equal treatment for you is the law. Our aggressive Rendon & Associates attorneys will make sure that your rights are protected.

Do you have questions about your injury, benefits or illegal immigrant rights? To schedule a free consultation, contact us.

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