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Longshore Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in the Houston Area

Compensation for Injured Longshore Workers in Texas

If you are a longshore worker or harbor worker who has suffered a workplace injury, the longshore workers’ comp system is there for you. You do not need to prove negligence on your employer’s part to receive longshore workers’ comp benefits. However, filing a claim can be complicated. Make it easy on yourself, and help yourself get the most out of your claim by consulting with a longshore workers’ comp lawyer at the law office of Rendon & Associates.

Benefit From Our Experience
Based in Houston, Texas, Rendon & Associates has more than 35 years of experience in helping injured workers get the compensation they need and deserve. Firm founder Ruben Rendon serves clients working in the ports of Port Arthur and Beaumont.

  • Your employer established the longshore workers’ comp system as a mutually beneficial solution to resolving work injuries reasonably and fairly.
  • Since a longshore workers’ comp claim is a no-fault proceeding, you should not feel guilty about going after your employer.
  • You are entitled to civility benefits, medical benefits, rehabilitation services, a monetary award, disability benefits, and rehabilitation services.
  • There is a loss of wage earnings cap for an impairment.
  • You are also entitled to return to your job when you are physically able to work again, without the risk of diminished employment status.

Our longshore workers’ comp lawyer helps workers suffering from conditions such as carpal tunnel, loss of a limb, hearing loss, back injury, and temporary or permanent disability from back injuries. We counsel workers in getting the financial resources they need to recover from construction accidents and shipyard accidents, including failure of heavy equipment, power tool accidents, and repetitive trauma.

At the law office of Rendon & Associates, we have helped clients who have cancer and other diseases caused by exposure to asbestos, benzene and other dangerous chemicals, and we represent clients suffering from work-related mental disorders, including depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, bi-polar disorder, and schizophrenia.

Seamans and Jones Act
Longshore workers’ comp lawyer Ruben Rendon will take the time to understand your case and help determine if you have a third-party claim. For example, if your injury is the result of defective products or machinery, you may have a third-party product liability claim.

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