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Houston Natural Gas Accident Lawyers

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If a natural gas leak at your South Texas work site or processing plant caused a serious accident and serious burn injuries to you, the lawyers to notify are Rendon & Associates in Houston and Nederland.

In June, 2010 alone, two explosions at natural gas pipeline facilities in Lubbock and Cleburne claimed five lives and injured many others. The dangers of working at these installations are obvious. Heavy equipment may be poorly constructed, maintained or in need of repair; safety procedures could be undermined; leaks of natural gas or dangerous chemicals could prove combustible — and fatal.

When tragedy strikes, don’t become one of these statistics. Take action now to protect your rights by contacting Rendon & Associates. Our trusted law firm’s founder Ruben Rendon has fought hard for injured Texas workers for 33 years.

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Rendon & Associates serves work injury clients in Greater Houston, the Gulf Coast and offshore in the Gulf of Mexico for longshore workers.

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Has a natural gas work site accident caused you to suffer one or more of these injuries?

  • Burns
  • Head injury
  • Industrial disease, from exposure to toxic substances
  • Broken bones
  • Chemical exposure, lung damage, scarring or disfigurement
  • Loss of eyesight or hearing

If you are the family member of a Texas natural gas worker who lost his life in the fields, you will want to speak with us about death and disability benefits. If one accident has caused multiple injuries to you, warranting multiple claims, a Rendon & Associates lawyer can help.

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